Home automation

The most sophisticated systems demand the simplest of controls. We take great pride in producing attractive and functional systems that seamlessly integrate and control all of your equipment from a single room, or multiple locations in your property.

In the fully integrated solution a simple touch screen device can replace all of those unsightly handsets, and provide a reliable single point of control for AV, lighting, heating, air conditioning, blinds, curtains, water features, security systems and more. Not only do the control systems allow individual control of these electronic systems, but they offer the client the ability to control multiple systems with a single button press. With the single push of a button the lights will dim to a preset level, the blinds slowly drop, the projector screen unrolls, the projector turns on, the audio equipment turns on to a preset level and the movie starts playing. No more juggling remote controls or looking foolish in front of your friends. Choose what to watch, and go.